Accounting Solutions for Small Businesses

Get paid faster using WinOne VB's simplified billing of your services or products.

Get paid faster! Invoice Quicker!

From time to time every business gets behind in invoicing for goods or services. It is estimated that as much at 65% of the time invoices are not processed quickly or items are missed in billing the customer. Timely invoicing can improve cash flow dramatically.

Use Items or Accounts methods.

Here's how WinOne VB's entry level invoice billing system can help your business. Our system can uses the items or accounts approach and a mixture of each.

Fastest and most efficient!

The items approach is the fastest and most efficient way to invoice for services or products sold.

You the owner or manager create items that have a code, number or short description, describing what you are invoicing your client or customer for.

Mail or email the invoice, bookkeeping is done!

Item's when created also can have the income account and expense account of that item (if a product) or just the income account for the services provided. When the invoice is saved all of your accounting or bookkeeping is done. The invoice is ready to mail or email.