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Bank Reconcilation (6 steps to a successful bank account reconcile.)

One of the most frequent frustrations of the day to day operations of a business is  that monthly, "reconcile of the bank accounts."

Reconcile of your business records to the monthly bank statment is a challenge that can easily be overcome by using the " Bank Reconcile option of WinOne VB." Here are the Six steps of reconciling your bank statement to your records. 

  • Step 1. Locate the account to reconcile. Use drop down to find list of bank accounts.
  • Step 2. Enter the start and ending date of the Bank Statement.
  • Step 3. To show the account transactions entered in the computer, click "Show details."
  • Step 4. Clear all check and deposits entered on the computer with the matching details on the bank statement from the bank. To clear checks or deposits click in the box under the clear heading to the right of each transaction.
  • Step 5. Determine which checks or deposits that are entered on the computer and have not cleared the bank.
  • Record any expenses or income for this account not on the computer that the bank entered on the bank statement. Click on the Income or Expense tab in the lower left hand corner of the screen. A secondary screen will be displayed to record these increases or decrease to the account.
  • Step 6. Print a list of the uncleared checks and deposits.

 Step 1. Locate the bank account to reconcile. Sample from WinOne VB's reconcile screen.

Bank reconcile (600x450)

Screen 2 of bank reconcile instructions

Bank Reconcile 2 (large) (600x206)

Screen 3 of bank reconcile instrucitons

Bank Reconcile Screen3 (600x427)