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New Quarterly Reports in WinOne VB

04 Aug 2015

A new update to WinOne VB payroll further enhances the quarterly reporting.

We have now added an option to give an employee count for each month of the quarter. In addition to the time frame of a quarter this report can be used for any time frame.

The quarter report also includes options to add hours worked to the gross earnings for the time frame selected.

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I-9 Form and Payroll and Immigration isuues

26 Dec 2014

Easy, I-9 tracking for United States employer payroll issues!

Since the mid 1980’s I-9’s have been a key part of United State payroll documents. Keeping one on file for each employee has, for some been a daunting task.

Many employers have assumed that the I-9 is used to document non-citizens or migrant workers…not so. This document is needed for every employee that works for a company, business or farm.

Audits of businesses for verification of I-9’s for employees is quite common in some areas of the country and some types of businesses.

The purpose and function of the I-9 is for the most part an attempt to document that each employee is qualified to work in the United States. Over the years this documentation attempt has been a real challenge. Employers have slowly become aware of using the I-9. 

One major problem with the I-9 over the years has been, for the employer, how to verify that the documents provided on the I-9 are valid. For many years most employers took the stance that there was no reasonable way to verify document information. This verification situation has become easier as the e-verification process has been implemented. Each I-9 has a page for the employer to review and verify the information provided by the employee.

Department of Homeland Security –U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

A down loadable I-9 form with instructions is available at


What’s needed on the I-9 form, which is signed by the employee, subject to penalties for providing false information?

Employee personal information:  Full name, date of birth, U.S. social security number, address, phone number and email address (if applicable) 

Verification options that the employee is qualified to work in the United States. Items on Lists A

Or one from both, B, or C

I- 9 Form 2014

Keep copies of each of the documents to include with the I-9 form and or personal file.                Employers are required to keep copies for 3 years after employee leaves the firm.  A copy of documents does not replace the need to fill out the actual I-9 form.

Scan documents and save a digital file. (A word to the wise….keep digital copies in multiple locations, in addition to printed versions)

Here’s a sample of a payroll program that keeps the I-9 form data along with expiration dates and saved digital images of documents required by the I-9 form. These documents are part of the employee file.

 WinOne VB I-9 form

By Ken Stavast 12-2014.

Ken can be reached at cdizibpans@gmail.com

Ken is a graduate of Idaho State University with B.B.A and has been involved in accounting and payroll software development for small business, farmers, ranchers and agri-business since the mid 1980’s. For Information on payroll processing and I-9 documents visit: www.countrysidedata.com or www.zibpans.com

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It is written

01 Jul 2013

It is written

In the movie, Lawrence of Arabia many of the lines started by stating, “it is written.” This statement implied that we have no control because somewhere, someone in authority wrote it down.

In dealing with insurance companies, you may feel like falling off your camel when an adjustor says, “it is written.” Most of us do not take the time to try and understand our insurance contracts. The insurance contract for auto and home insurance is a bilateral contract of agreeing parties, you the “insured” and the “insurer”.

Often you are at disadvantage because what is written is not entirely understandable. Here’s an example. The word is “comprehensive” coverage. This word sounds like it works to cover in all areas, but it does have limitations.

When preparing for the state insurance exam, I always confused the term, comprehensive with collision. I grew up on a farm, so I reached back in my memories to recall what a mother hen does to protect her eggs or chicks. As a kid, I had many a “setting hen” chase me around the barnyard to protect her nest. I noticed that in the word, comprehensive was a “hen”. If she were an insurance term what would she protect? Here’s a partial list. You will notice that most of the coverage is for the automobile while parked. I envisioned a big mother hen sitting on the automobile.

The list includes:

  • Hail
  • Flood
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Falling objects
  • Hitting a deer, camel, animal
  • Other non-collision losses

I hope this helps to understand what “is written” in your insurance contract.

This article was provided by Rick Olson, an Idaho Insurance Agent with Allstate Insurance in Chubbuck – Pocatello Idaho. He can be reached at…….. RickOlson@Allstate.com

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How to Save Money on Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance

06 May 2013

How to Save Money

on Your Workers’ Compensation Insurance

As you know, having Worker’s Compensation insurance is not optional, unless you don’t have any employees.  But, if you do, you have to have it.

Failure to provide it could cause your business to get shut down.  That is, after you pay some stiff penalties for operating without it.

But there is no law that says you need to pay more than you are legally obligated to pay.  Yet for a very high percentage of employers, they are doing exactly that.

Instead of taking advantage of multiple, money-saving provisions in the law or techniques that their insurance agent can help with, most employers pay 20 – 40% more than they should.

Why do Most Employers Pay Too Much for their Workers’ Compensation insurance?

  • Very simply put, because they are dealing with an “amateur” instead of a consultant.”
  • Everyone specializes in today’s world.
    • Farmers specialize in growing certain crops.
    • Building contractors specialize is certain trades.
    • Even attorneys, bankers and real estate agents specialize.
    • Shouldn’t we also expect to deal with an insurance agent who specializes?
      • Shouldn’t they be expected to be good enough at what they do to be a consultant for you?
  • Unfortunately, most employers have been trained by their “one-and-only agent” to think that he can do it all. 
  • For most people, dealing with insurance is a
    • “necessary evil” that “all costs the same” anyway,
    • rather than a business expense that can be managed and controlled, just like most other expenses.
  • And since most agents are “generalists” and don’t understand the details of Workers’ Compensation insurance, their clients needlessly throw away thousands or tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Consider working with a specialist, a consultant who can help you to save a lot of money?

For further information or answers to your Workers’ Compensation questions contact:

Doug Nielsen, Work Comp Solutions, Doug@WorkCompSolutions.ORG, (208) 351-8188


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Small Business Marketing on the Web

15 Nov 2010

Monday, November 15, 2010
A recent article at www.Inc.com states the following information from a recent survey...

  • 46 percent had no wesite at all
  • Most who have a site says it's basic
  • 80 percent provide only general information
  • Only 45 percent provide customer service at their site
  • Less than a third (30%) engage e-commerce
  • Fewer than one in seven (15%) make appointments or reservations
  • only 13 percent surveyed have a blog

If you would like more information about this article from Inc.com, and it's worth reading...here a link:

This link was create using http://www.shorturls.com/ a great way to shorten long web site names: Here's the link to the Inc.com site: http://alturl.com/ivi6z



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