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Chrysler's Bankrupt...Now What!

Posted by ken on Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Chrysler's Bankrupt...Now What!

Shift gears, that's what they are going to do and perhaps so should you.

Take a look at the business landscape. Some think the sun is setting and will never shine again. Others see the setting of the past with a new future coming with the rising of each sunrise.

So, you have failed, lost a major client, or some other opportunity. Take a look at your situation (as is Chrysler, the courts, the new possible owners, bond holders etc). Shift gears literally and revamp your business plan, products or services, financing, the market you serve or any other host of possibilities. The sun will rise and shine again in your world.

The old saying, April showers bring May flowers and you know what the Mayflower brought, "pilgrim's" and with the pilgrims came the hope of a new future and look what that brought over the years, a might America and country of new hope where anything is possible. Get out there and tell the story of your service or products. People will listen, we all need services and different products...

Think it over and get on with life and go for the new day. Business is just waiting to be discovered. Even in your neck of the woods.

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