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New Create on the fly for items in WinOne VB

12 Jun 2010

To all WinOne VB accounting software users: We have just added to WinOne VB accounting, a create of items, on the fly, in the accounts receivable invoice program. This enhancement will allow rapid setup of items or services your business sells with in the AR invoice screen.

Updates will be available on June 18th, 2010 for registered users of WinOne VB. Login key is required and is a free upgrade. Other features added recently to WinOne accounting software will be announced soon.

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Look on the bright side. Be a leader

08 Mar 2010

Monday, March 8, 2010

  Look on the bright side! Be a leader...

I have seen this article / story before...it's worth looking at again...

An old man had a hot dog stand. He made great hot dogs, and people bought them. He put up signs to advertise his business, and stood by the side of the road hollering. "Buy a hot dog, mister?" and they bought. His sales increased, so he increased his hot dog and bun orders. Business was very good.

Then his son came home from college. "Dad, what are you doing?" the son exclaimed. "Don't you know we are in the middle of a great depression?" The local situation is terrible and the national problems are even worse. You must be more careful with your money."

"Well," the father thought, "my son goes to college and he surely knows what he's talking about. I'd better listen to him." So the old gentleman stopped investing money in his business. He took down the signs, and stopped standing by the side of the road to sell his hot dogs. Sales fell off overnight."

"You're right, son." the father said. "We are in the middle of a great depression."

Just as the misconceptions about the business community ruined this great hot dog stand, it can affect an entire community, state and nation. At a time of economic stagnation, it is critical for leaders in the business community to demonstrate where strengths yet exist, and what steps can reasonably be taken to capitalize on those strengths...

Article taken in part from the Post Register, Sunday, March 7, 2010 Idaho Falls, Idaho. Also on the following blog:  http://mondaysmallbizbuzz.blogspot.com/
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Telling Your Business Story In 2010

09 Jan 2010

Growing Your Business in 2010

2009 is past, what will 2010 bring. Some say, "who knows?" and that's what they will get...who knows.

Plan your 2010 sales objectives and then implement the plan. Whether they be small or larger. A plan of action, with focus and constant execution can bring great results.

Direct mail, door-hangers, flyers, twitter, facebook, web pages, articles all build for your business story, new or on going, a sense of progressive action. Results will come.

From time to time, fine tune your plan if needed and always watch for new ways to tell your story.

We have places to help tell your story...including our Market Place page...check it out on the menu bar at the top of our web page... also at:http://mondaysmallbizbuzz.blogspot.com/

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Idaho Employee 2010 withholding tables.

04 Jan 2010

Idaho employers take note: Employee withholding tables for the tax year 2010 are the same as 2009. If you need a copy of the entire booklet with instructions visit the State of Idaho web site. Or call after January 5,th, 2010 and we will give you the details.

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Employers- I-9 Audits

20 Nov 2009

Employer's - I-9 Audits

The following link will help with I-9 documentation for each employee your business hires.


www.zibpans.com and www.countrysidedata.com are small business software sites. The payroll section of this software has the I-9 form with lists A, B and C. Not only the text but a area to save scanned documents. ie, green cards, birth certificates, driver's permits etc.

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