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Vacation's Over...Now What?

27 Jun 2009

Vacations Over...Now What

As you can see from the recent postings we have been absent.

Taking a break to enjoy everyday life and the family is something we all need to do. But most of us in small business probably don't do it often enough. The summer is yet new and not spent. Take time to go and see new things.

Travel and seeing new things can happen even in your own region of the country or world.

So take a break, plan one and then tackle the business with a fresh out look, renewed energy and...perhaps a different approach or products.

Some new products we discovered if your interested. Easy to use business 5 year planning that everyone can use, even coaching if you would like. Check it out at: www.ProBizPlanner.com Also, for those payroll headaches a new approach to United States payroll reporting at: www.SimplifyMyPayroll.com

We would like to start adding more and more business solutions in all areas of running a business, so let us know what you are aware of.

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Chrysler's Bankrupt...Now What!

02 May 2009

Chrysler's Bankrupt...Now What!

Shift gears, that's what they are going to do and perhaps so should you.

Take a look at the business landscape. Some think the sun is setting and will never shine again. Others see the setting of the past with a new future coming with the rising of each sunrise.

So, you have failed, lost a major client, or some other opportunity. Take a look at your situation (as is Chrysler, the courts, the new possible owners, bond holders etc). Shift gears literally and revamp your business plan, products or services, financing, the market you serve or any other host of possibilities. The sun will rise and shine again in your world.

The old saying, April showers bring May flowers and you know what the Mayflower brought, "pilgrim's" and with the pilgrims came the hope of a new future and look what that brought over the years, a might America and country of new hope where anything is possible. Get out there and tell the story of your service or products. People will listen, we all need services and different products...

Think it over and get on with life and go for the new day. Business is just waiting to be discovered. Even in your neck of the woods.

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Take Courage and Tell your story

15 Mar 2009

Proposals to help small businesses

Small businesses in the United States, Canada and the world as well. Are the cornerstones of the villages, towns, cities and countries in which they operate. They are the foundations of the economy.

While the impact and needs vary thru out the world. Lets look at the United States in general. The strengths of the American economy are at the farm and street level of every state. We as small business owners and managers can do our part by pulling our employees together and uniting with other businesses to strengthen our impact.

Tell your story. Tell about your products and services. Get the word out. Communicate your business mission to new clients / customers. Keep in touch with your past clients / customers. Run specials to acquaint others with your products and services. Go the extra mile in the coming months to refine your products and services. Display or explain them in different ways until your prospective market knows well what you do. Add value to what you do best.

As you plan the process of: getting the word out. Map out where you are and where you want to be in 6 months, 1 year, 2 years , 5 years and in 10. If you fail to plan your: getting the word out, you plan to fail or wander about.

Get to the point and go for it. Courage is what we need not fear or holding back.

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Opportunites or Challenges? Happy day will soon be here again

07 Mar 2009

The old saying, if life gives you a lemon. Make lemonade. Is even more relevant in today's marketplace.

Small business: This is your opportunity to "squeeze" more juice from the lemons you may have. Take a look at your business, whether new or ongoing. What is your main product or service? Is there a new twist or repackaging you might do to increase your sales or profitability?

Who, are your clients? Much business do not know who they really sell to or who seeks them out. Where do you stand in the market place of your neighborhood, community or vertical market (niche)?

With the coming future and hopefully eventual upswing of the economy, are you now or soon to be planning to "capture" a larger market share when things turn around.

It's not all gloom and doom. Happy days will soon be here again !!!

This past couple of weeks we have been learning quite a bit about how to deal with the current situation in the country, and what we need to do in the future. It is really exciting to move forward. We have a new friend, Zib, that we will be introducing soon who can help get the ball rolling for all of us.

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Time for Small Business Stimulus

28 Feb 2009

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Small Business Stimulus Deals

The big boys of business have received billions in bail out funding. Now it's time for small business to enter the stage.

The U.S. Government is now spending billions on stimulus packages to get the economy growing and moving forward once again. Most of these stimulus dollars may never reach the small business owners of the United States, Canada or the world in general.

We as small businesses need to take things into our own hands and rebuild the prosperity of our villages, towns, cities, states and nations. This is a call to action on everyone's part.

Long journeys begin with one step...step up and let's tackle this problem as business owners / managers the best way we can. Provide great products and services at a reasonable price and at a profit. Take courage and take charge.

We have located a "small business stimulus" deal that can help plan, expand or promote your business. We will be providing the link over the next week or so. The number of packages available is unlimited. There is something for everyone in this package. We need your help in spreading the word once it's ready to go.

This package will benefit your business and all businesses not only in the short term but the long term as well. If we stick together as business owners we all win. If we go at it alone...We will be just that...alone.

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