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It's payday. (Sorry, USA payroll only at this time)

How to write payroll check, start to finish using WinOne VB Payroll!

5 Steps to a successful and quick payday.

1. Add or edit any information on employees, tasks, deductions or payroll advance checks.

If you have a new employee have the employee:

  • fill out a w-4 form
  • and the I-9 form.

Next, proceed to the WinOne VB payroll utilities, employees and add the new employees. Here is a screen shot of the employee screen. We will point out the details we keep track of on each employee.

  • Name,
  • Social Security Number,
  • address,
  • married or single,
  • w-4 exemptions,
  • task(s)(job description with a pay rate).
  • deductions assigned,
  • payroll advances.

2. Collect the time cards or details for each employee and let's do the paychecks.


WinOne VB check writing screen is to the right. This screen is used to input the hours, salary, commissions, piece meal units etc in and will also compute the deductions that you have set up for your payroll. As a reminder. The following deductions are available, plus ones you can set up on your own.

  • Federal Income Tax
  • State Income Tax (if needed)
  • FICA (employer and employee parts)
  • Medicare (employer and employee parts)
  • Payroll Advances (tracks amount employee owes)
  • Garnishments
  • Child Support
  • FUTA (employer paid)
  • SUTA (employer paid)
  • Workmans Compensation (employer paid...Washington L&I)
  • Retirement or IRA pre tax and after tax options
  • Many others

3. Here is an example of time / hours / units input screen before calculating the deductions.


4. Next, using the paydays option (work days in the pay period) we compute the Federal and State income tax (if applicable) as well as percentage deductions and or fixed amount deductions.


With the check information in place for tasks (way employee is paid) and deductions figured. If the net check is correct. Print it on check forms either provided by your bank or we recommend ASAP Checks forms. Then proceed with the next employee.

If you prefer, rather than doing each employee start to finish, you can do a group as well.

5. When finished with the current payroll. The following reports should be printed for your records, or they can be printed later. Once the check(s) are printed all accounting / bookkeeping is completed with the exception on printing the deposit checks for deductions for the different government agencies.

 Payroll Employee Edit (600x450)

Edit Employee I-9 Sample (600x450)

Payroll Check writing screen (600x450)