Accounting Solutions for Small Businesses

Zibpans- WinOne VB Payroll System

The WinOne VB Payroll System is designed to meet the needs of most employers and business types. WinOne Payroll software provides specific solutions for small to mid-sized business, farmers, ranchers and agri-business.

          Different pay types -

hourly, weekly, monthly
special, daily / misc
piece work, commissions etc.
Pay by tasks -job descriptions with rate of pay
Assign costs to enterprises or parts of your business
Standard deductions or create your own deductions
    • Federal
      • Income Tax
      • FICA
      • Medicare
      • Federal Unemployment
    • State
      • Income Tax
      • Workman's Compensation
      • Unemployment
    • Local
    • Garnishments
    • Child support orders
    • Employee purchases
    • Employee advances
    • Workmans compensation programs
    • Savings or retirement programs
    • Most any thing else you may need...give us a call for others
  • Employer paid expenses (also matching employee expenses)
    • FICA
    • Medicare
    • Workman compensation matching (ie, Washington State L & I)
  • check-writing capabilities
  • flexibility to meet the specific payroll needs of your individual operations.

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The WinOne VB Payroll System is a total payroll system developed specifically for small to mid-size business operations. WinOne VB payroll has two versions...

WinOne VB payroll...for smaller payroll needs. 1-5 employees

WinOne VB Plus... for firms with more than 5 employees.

Basic, Advanced or in between...We have you covered.

Whether it be the basic needs of doing payroll and getting the checks out or detailed job costing of payroll expenses to a project, job or enterprise. Accurate information is essential for your successful operation. When time matters, and details are most important, the WinOne VB Payroll system will get the job done easily and professionally.WinOne VB Payroll can...

  • provide information to comply with tax reporting requirements.
  • summarized labor reports at a time during the year.
  • Aid in planning for the future.
  • track  different types of labor expenses.
  • track tax data for reporting or information forms(W-2s,W-4, I-9)
  • track  labor costs by task, job, department or project.
  • track employee deductions, tasks worked,advances, paychecks and employment history.
  • we can provide payroll help and coaching to best utilize WinOne VB Payroll in your business.