Accounting Solutions for Small Businesses

November 20, 2009

The new WinOne VB 2010 versions of payroll now track scanned documents for the employee I-9 forms. Documents, pictures...everything needed for employee records can now be scanned and saved with in the employee file. Easy review, should you need pictures, green cards, birth certificates etc.

September 15, 2009

No more late filing or penalties. Saving you the reporting nightmare!

WinOne VB's full payroll support package now includes a trial 3 month payroll report service from SimplifyMyPayroll.com

This payroll reporting service will assist with the filling of timely reports for the 941, Federal Income Tax withholding, State Income Tax withholding, SUTA and FUTA. No more late fees or missing filing deadlines.

In addition to the reports filed, vouchers are prepare and you are notified of scheduled payments from your bank account to each of the taxing agencies you are filing with. You are in control, we just help out with the reporting...try it, you will definitely like it.

June 26, 2009

Stop Payroll Stress! Eliminate Your Payroll Reporting Headaches.

We listen to your needs and feedback. In doing so we announce the addition of two products:

www.simplifymypayroll.com : is a service to help owners and managers of small business with payroll to help file government agency payroll reports. The following report filings are included, 941, 943, SUTA , FUTA and state income tax (assuming your state has income tax). Take a moment and visit this new site addressing (sorry, only United States at this time) payroll reporting issues and helps.

www.probizplanner.com :This 5 year business planner is an excel spreadsheet template that lets you put in your current financial data (profit / loss and balance sheet) and then enter where you want to be in 5 years.

Simply press the calculate option and get the following reports. Profit / Loss (Revenue and Expense statement), balance sheet, cash flow statements for each of the 5 years, sales figures that you can break down to quarterly and monthly formats.

Limited Time: Free Web Advertising of your business or products!

For a limited time, with each purchase  of the Pro Biz Planner, one year of FREE ADVERTISING (classified or display ad depending on version purchased) of your business on the web. Plan your goals and we will help promote your business to achieve what you want financially.


May 26, 2009

Expanded, Market Advantage Program, 2009 Boost Your Business now includes market ad's for display ads as well as classified ads. Check it out at: http://zibpans.com/marketplace/

October 24, 2008

ASAP Checks and forms compatible with WinOne VB accounting software!

ASAP checks and forms are now compatible with Zibpans and Countryside Data's Finance and Payroll programs. For Details on checks, invoice and other forms.Click on the ASAP logo below.

ASAP Checks and Forms

Zib's Latest user
support and marketing tools! Premier Support, Zib's Friends

Our recently expanded support now includes a limited number of Premier packages including:

  •  a priority phone number
  •  free life time updates
  •  customized reports.
  •  pre-release versions of updates
  •  Market Advantage program (effective September 15, 2008)


Progressive managers and owners will love this deal. Payroll users, consider signing up now while supply lasts. Limited number each year.


Market Advantage 2008- Boost Your Business 2009 program

It's August 8, 2008, as promised, here it is ... Zibpans' Market  Advantage for your business.

Idaho Falls, Idaho 08/08/08, The start of the Olympics and ZibPans', Market Advantage for Business.

Our introduction version of Market Advantage for Business includes the following benefits.

FREE 1 hour consultation about your web site. Make it more effective and your increase sales.
We are expanding our market place ads for business owners. Starting September 15, 2008 we will help promote your business. Contact us for details of this new Market Advantage for your business. Send your information request email to: cdi@srv.net